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Ideas for the letter A


Apple printing

Cut an apple in half. Pour green poster paint onto a cheap sponge and red paint onto another sponge. Press one half of the apple onto the green sponge to load it with paint and then press onto paper to make apple prints. Use the other half of the apple with the red paint. Make patterns with the apple prints, or make a tree out of green and brown paper and print apples onto it.


Help your child collect all their toy animals. Sort them into zoo animals and farm animals. (This has the added benefit of tidying the room!)

Playing acrobats

Put a piece of string or ribbon on the floor in a straight line and 'tightrope walk' along it. Balance on one leg, and learn to do somersaults and even headstands or handstands.

Role play

Play ambulance drivers with your child. Take turns to be the ambulance driver and the person who has had an accident. Use bandages to treat the injury!

Name game

Think of names beginning with a 'great big capital A', e.g. Andrew, Ajay, Alice.




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