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Play the drums

Use a toy drum, or make your own with upside-down
saucepans or plastic containers. Use wooden spoons
for the drumsticks. Drum along to your favourite song,
or make up your own rhythms. Hang the drum around
your neck with a piece of string and march like a
soldier while you bang on it.

Play with dolls

Put your dolls in beautiful dresses to go dancing at the disco!

Draw a picture of Daddy

Draw a picture of Daddy. Use paints or crayons to colour him in. Make his hair out of wool or string. Does he have dark hair, eyes or skin?

Pin the tail on the donkey

Play this traditional party game as a family or when your friends come round. Click here to download a picture of a donkey and some tails. Paint or colour the donkey and stick him to a wall with sellotape or blu-tack. Paint or colour the tails and cut them out. Make each tail a different colour, so you can tell which is which. Put a piece of blu-tack on the back of each tail, at the top. Now the fun can begin! Each player has a tail (remember what your colour is!). Blindfold the first player and make sure they are facing the donkey. (You can spin them around a few times first, if you want to make it harder). The player now has to stick the tail where he thinks it should go. Each player takes it in turn. The winner is the person who has put their tail closest to the cross on the donkey.


Lucky Ducks

Red Dog Blue Dog

Dotty Dinosaurs


I want my Dinner by Tony Ross

Ideas for the letter D

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