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Turn ‘n’ Sort

Age 2+
Turn and Sort is where you twist and screw the disks into place. With different shapes, your child will learn how the disks need to be moved in order to get them off and start again. This game encourages early development skills such as colour recognition and matching skills. Your child can match each of the different disks and arrange them in order of colour if they like. Suitable for ages 2+ and ideal for children with additional needs, this is the perfect product for helping your child develop those all important key skills they will need when they start school.
20cm dia.

£ 21.95

Mix ‘n’ Match Owls

Age 2+
The Mix and Match Owls game is a selection of colourful magnetic owl pieces for children to mix, match and copy. Supplied with six double sided pattern cards, all stored inside a wooden box. The Mix and Match Owls game encourages hand-eye coordination and colour and shape recognition.
W23 x L35 x H6cm

£ 36.95

Shape Matching Board

Age 2+
This delightful, wooden circular shape matching board features six brightly coloured geometric shapes with really chunky, easy grip handles, ideal for young children and children with special needs. Each colourful, chunky shape is made of wood and has a matching colour underneath to help young children place it back in the correct position, and the 5cm high handles make them very easy for little hands to grip. The shapes are large enough for young children to use as templates to draw around making them excellent for fun creative activities. This appealing puzzle encourages early shape and colour recognition whilst helping develop hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. The matching board contains six different shapes including a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval and hexagon in six bright colours.

Dimensions: W24.5 x H6 cm.

£ 19.95

Magnetic Blocks

Age 3+
This set of magnetic blocks 32 blocks and two axles in a cotton bag. It also includes a design ideas booklet which will encourage your child to develop their colour recognition and matching skills as well as having the opportunity to develop their own creativity by designing their own ideas! Suitable for ages 3+ this is the ideal product for your child as it allows them to develop those all important key skills they will need for when they start school.
Size of block: 3 x 6 x 3cm

£ 38.95