Two children playing a Ben & Betty computer game

At Ben & Betty, we believe that learning should be fun, for teachers and parents as well as for children. That’s why we made the Ben & Betty phonics based learning programme. Developed in schools by teachers, we know that children love using it and that it gives great results.

We designed the Ben & Betty learning programme around phonics, which are widely regarded as the best method of teaching reading. Therefore, many of the activities throughout the programme develop and reinforce phonics specifically. However, although the other activities may target writing, numeracy, or reasoning, they all tie in with a specific phonics sound. In short, we have created the activities to work together to make learning the key basic educational skills enjoyable and stimulating. We were delighted that when Dr. Amanda Gummer of FUNdamentals assessed the programme, she said, “I’ve never evaluated a product that received such a ringing endorsement”.

The Ben & Betty learning programme, for children aged from 2½ years old, is used in schools and nurseries in England and Wales, as well as being used in countless homes. Scroll down to read more about our award-winning programme, or you can see the books and packs in the Ben & Betty learning programme here.

I've never evaluated a product that received such a ringing endorsement.
A picture of Dr. Amanda Gummer, Child Psychologist
Dr. Amanda Gummer
Child psychologist and director of FUNdamentals

Phonics are at the heart of the Ben & Betty programme and are the key to reading. Even the numeracy and reasoning activities are designed to reinforce phonics, and this holistic approach gives fantastic results.

Letter formation and writing are introduced right from the beginning. We use a simple, clear style specifically designed for young children that is easy to learn and later develops seamlessly into joined-up handwriting.

There are activities and puzzles to develop reasoning skills from the start of the Ben & Betty programme, designed to stretch the child’s mind whilst always being attainable. Number formation and concepts are introduced from Level 1.

Ben & Betty has a fun, engaging format that gives amazing results that children and parents love.